Solo Exhibition in Gormleys

Ten years on from Vallely’s first solo exhibition in Gormleys Gallery in Belfast, his new collection of work displays how his practice has developed in the intervening period.

He has focused on developing his unique method of applying charcoal and oil on canvas into a style that is instantly recognisable  – figurative drawing with tonal depth and bursts of colour in oils being his signature approach.

The themes on display here focus around everyday life and in particular imagery of childhood, which reference a past from a vanishing world, but also appear timeless and not bogged down by nostalgia.

A vivid, unsentimental portrayal of an urban childhood, capturing real character in the intense direct gazes that stare back at us like a long forgotten memory.

The exhibition opened on 29th September and is available to view in Gormleys Belfast gallery and online until 18th October 2018.